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2017 Fall Classic Results

With the 2nd Annual Fall classic just days away, we've decided to post the results from last year's fall classic on the site. In typical HPDG fashion, we didn't write anything down, so the results are from memory, which, mine, is suspect at best. Let it rain.

1st Place - Blizzard (-1) Wins by beating Goz on the Bonus hole.

2nd Place - Goz (Even) Lost to bliz on the bonus hole

3rd Place - Deanzie (+2?)

4th Place - Drew (+3?)

5th Place - Ian (+4??) Beat Stryker on the Bonus Hole

6th Place - Stryker (+5??) Lost to ian somehow on the bonus hole

7th Place - Lamarre (+6 and a half)

8th Place - Greeko (+8) Loves 8's

9th Place - McCabe (+9)

10th Place - Fabian (I think he finished 10th?)

11th Place - Jayski (+11) Got a mystery beast

Doubles Champs - Lamarre and Stryker (-3 at least i hope)

Congrats to the 2017 Champ - The Blizzard, and good luck to everybody in the 2nd Annual Classic!

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