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HPDG McCabe Memorial Memorial Results

HPDG had a rip-roaring weekend up in the driftless region of NW Wisconsin kicking off the Inaugural McCabe Memorial Memorial outing.

Stryker took home the hot rounds on both the Big Brother Course, as well as the Classic 18 at Justin Trails Resort in Sparta, WI.


The weekend trip had many features, most notably an appearance on the card by none other than McCabe himself, director of Minnesota club operations. It was an honor and a privilege tossing with the legend himself on what turned out to be a perfect sunday.

After the Big Brother round, the crew took to the town, proceeding to shred up La Crosse's bar scene as hard as they shredded on the course.

A classy steak dinner featuring brontosaurus sized prime ribs was enjoyed by all.

Stash was full from dinner, had too many IPAs, and then punched a waitress at the irish bar, causing a tremendous scene, with numerous townies asking "what's this dude's problem?", "why is he so angry?", "it's just a beer, take it easy man, do you want a miller instead?" Either way, punching waitresses turns out to not be tolerated in Wisconsin or Schaumburg, so that got the crew kicked out. This ended up being a blessing in disguise as we happened along to Brother's, which somehow has a $6 all you can drink rum and coke wristband deal, and has managed to stay in business.

Stash pounded down about 15 rum and cokes, loudly exclaiming "THIS PLACE HAS FREE REFILLS!!!!!!" to everyone within earshot. This was the most high performance moment on the trip, and earned Stash his promotion from jr member to full fledged HPDG. Congrats to Stash on the high performance long drive of the week, as he literally drove everyone back and forth to wisconsin.

Monday's round on the classic 18 started out beautifully, but turned into one for the record books as the club was caught in a downpour at the turn. After completing the wettest round in recent memory, we were fortunately able to change clothes in a barn and dry off before hitting the road on the long journey back to civilization. The event was a tremendous success, and the club expects a strong turnout at future McCabe Memorial Memorials.

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