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Big Drew started chuckin plastic at Morley Field in San Diego, CA before starting HPDG with his brother Dean.  A crafty veteran, skilled at course management, he is also handles disc design and engineering for HPDG's plastic.

Likes : cold ones, letting it rain

Dislikes : the shit, mosquitoes, ticks, strays on the course



Deanzie also played his first round ever at Morley Field in San Diego.  Along with his brother, he is one of the co-founders of HPDG.  Armed with a stupidly accurate tomahawk, Deanzie has evolved into a formidable tournament player, capable of bangin out any shot in any conditions. Always a premium feature on the card.

Likes :  Buicks, the Beer hole, Bangin Chains, Big tits

Dislikes : Strays, Aldi, 294, losing discs, casuals, yoshi



Sergeant at Arms

Definitely the biggest arms out of anyone in the club, uncle Goz is always down for a good time on and off the course.  Goz uses those douchebag arms to throw a mean tomahawk, as well as huge hyzers with super high speed gorilla plastic.  Goz has aced hole 10 at CPW multiple times.

Likes : Hole 10, throwing un-witnessed aces, Divided, Horse Hockey, hooded sweatshirts, hats, meeting us at the bar, Pat Griffin

Dislikes : JS, playing the bonus hole, using a mini, throwing un-witnessed aces



Don't be surprised by the Blizzard's quiet demeanor.  This dude can fucking chuck.  As one of our team pros, Blizzard can be found on the fairways, consistently dropping deuces and launching massive bombs.  His financial savvy (Jew) makes him ideal as club treasurer.  To this day, nobody knows how he got the nickname, "The Blizzard."

Likes : High Performance, Steroids and lemonade, hookers, multiple wives, makin trades, letting it rain, winning tourneys, gambling, Palatine

Dislikes : Bombing too fucking far, not knowing why people call him the blizzard but he's getting over it, not letting it rain, not winning tourneys, not making money on trades

Young Trainer


Social Media Manager - Membership Approval Committee Advisory Board Chairman - Model

With impeccable skill and raw natural talent, team pro Danny Stryker has quickly become a force on the tournament circuit.  His smooth form and huge lefty launches have caught the attention of the competition, as he's also been featured by several other disc companies/clubs.  As an original HPDG pro, Stryker is a premium spotter, quickly able to find discs lost in the shit, and is always down for a round of High Performance disc golf. 

Likes : Throwin neg 6 or better, parkin drives, giant lefty flex shots, High Performance disc golf, hot chicks, hooters wings

Dislikes : Throwin over par, FBI Kevin taking his sweet ass time, strays and casuals in general


Director of Aquatic Operations - Lead Diver

Mr. Consistency is an HPDG original member who has been throwing plastic for longer than almost anyone in the club.  Known for his smooth approach and consistent shot, you'll often find him looking for his disc both in the shit and on the fairway.  As director of aquatic operations, you'll also find him diving in the lake to retrieve plastic for the rest of the club.  What a team player!

Likes : Bubba cups, UV Blue and lemonade, Captain and coke, Mr. Dill, paving asphalt, green shirts, red discs (the mamba), High Performance Disc Golf, working the door or the parking lot, bangin his lady

Dislikes : Finding red discs (the mamba), idiots, losing the bubba cup, kicking people out of bars unless they're Sam Bova, not partying, playing in the winter



Transportation Director - Club Driver

Fabian bombs the literal fuck out of the forehand, throwing that shot farther than anyone in HPDG.  Always a feature on the card, his sweet drives give him the ability to bird any hole on any course.  He also likes driving into the Blizzard's car.  He aced hole 2 with a sick forehand toss through the shit (pictured).

Likes : PBR and other assorted cold ones, big dickin forehands, High Performance disc golf, trading discs, malort, fireball, or tully heaters

Dislikes : Europeans, aldi, and other strays


Director of Club Communications

Always a FEATURE on the card, Jayski lets it rain on the fairway with a ferocious lefty backhand.  Jayski is known for premium play by play calling, announcing critical holes, key shots, and important player related details, both on and off the course.  When he's not BANGIN CHAINS, you can find him at the BEER HOLE having a heater, or by the pool relaxing with some smokin hot babes.  Jayski is also probably the nicest dude you'll ever meet in your life. Let it rain.

Likes : High Performance disc golf, Feature songs, heaters, women in uniform, gettin the wings, BIRD LOOKS

Dislikes : Strays and casuals on the fairway or at the bar, throwin in the shit, the dog park



Apparel Advisory Committee Chairman - Director of Minnesota Operations

McCabers is an original HPDG member, now heading up the Minnesota Operations for High Performance Disc Golf.  While the High Performance Disc Golf Club misses Adam when he's unable to let it rain at CPW, McCabers bangs the chains up in the great north on the regular, and throws a smooth variety of shots, and is master of the Granny putt.  McCabers is heavily involved in club operations, as he's really the only one in the club with any sense of style or eye for the aesthetic at all.  Any and all apparel decisions must meet his strict standards before becoming official HPDG swag. Also, this man can crack a beer better than anyone we know.

Likes :  Granny putts through the bushes, long road trips, killer tunes, well designed hats, vikings of all kinds, Aaron, Libertyville

Dislikes : McCabers Minnesota manners prevent him from openly disliking much of anything besides saying "goodbye"


Director of West Coast Operations - San Diego Affiliate

Lamar Miller started chucking plastic with co-founder Drew at Morley Field in San Diego, CA, and remains in San Diego as the director of all HPDG west coast operations.  He's also the only white guy named Lamar any of the club members have ever met. 

Likes : Cheap Mexican Food, (Occasional) Performance Enhancing Sobriety, Backhanding the midget

Dislikes : Trends, Cold Weather, Day time people, fat fuckers



Director of Compliance - ADA & Special Needs

Stash earned his stripes at the Inaugural McCabe Memorial Memorial outing in La Crosse, Wisconsin, officially ditching his Jr. Member status and earning full HPDG designation after punching a waitress for bringing him an IPA when he was already full.

Likes : buying discs, tarding out, FREE REFILLS, clanging putts off the basket

Dislikes : IPAs, being full, throwing the same disc more than once


Jr. Club Member - Club Attorney

Niko is a lawyer.  He sometimes throws, mostly at the fall classic.  

Likes : Bangin chicks that are way out of his league, wearing his first edition fall classic hat, ordering dessert at bars

Dislikes : Group texts

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