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Ian's World Famous Drink Recipes #2 - Electric Lemonade

Well, the dog days of summer are here, and our good friend Mr. Consistency is back to share another of his world famous cocktail recipes with you all. This time it's Ian's Electric Lemonade. The electric lemonade was a staple of the 2016 summer, and while it hasn't made too many appearances this year, you know Ian will still suck one of these babies down, especially out of the bubba cup. How do you make this concoction, you ask?

Electric Lemonade :

14oz UV Blue Vodka

1.5oz Simply Lemonade


Fill a Bubba Cup with ice. Pour UV Blue raspberry flavored vodka until it covers ice completely. Top off with a splash of Simply Lemonade. Enjoy out of a bubba cup on a hot summer day, whether you're laying down asphalt or hitting the fairways. You just can't go wrong!

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