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2nd Annual Fall Classic Invitational

High Performance Disc Golf is proud to be hosting the 2nd Annual Fall Classic Invitational on Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018. FIRST SHOT 9AM SHARP. 20 Spots, $40. Invitation Only. Entry fee covers a limited edition 2nd Annual Fall Classic Hat, prizes, and assorted lite refreshments (pizza, water, 6 cold ones per player).

The classic will consist of 2 Rounds of the "Classic 11." The Path is OB on all holes except 7, OB right on 3, dog Park OB on 9, 294 OB on 4. 22 Holes total will determine this years champ. Beer Hole Mando on 3. (Both loops) Optional CTP's will be available to buy-in for $5/hole (1,2,6,7,9,10). CTP will be determined after the end of both rounds, so you'll have 2 shots at each hole you want to play for CTP on.

After the singles, we will take a brief break for awards and prizes, cold ones, little fuckin cesar's pizzas, CTP's, and general bullshitting while we prepare for the afternoon doubles round.

The doubles round will play an alternate layout, the "Big Dick 10", with no OB. You find it, you can throw from it. (LET IT RAIN!) The Defending champs from last year will automatically be paired up. Random draw for everyone else. Should we somehow have an odd number of players, the lowest placed finisher from the singles will be paired with the defending champs to form one team of 3.

If you've received an invite, we look forward to seeing you there.

Let it rain.

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