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2018 Fall Classic Invitational Results

Well, another Fall classic is in the books, and dare I say, it was the best one yet.

First and Foremost, I'd like to thank our sponsors: the national cremation society, and HPDG club attorney Greeko the lawyer, for their generous donations to this year's event.

I'd also like to give a special thank you to Director of Minnesota Operations, Adam "I miss Adam" McCabe for the first rate job on the hats.

We have a new champ, setting a Fall Classic CPW Course record with -9, and had lots of great features this year, including Wrestlemania, CCR CTPs, a giant stack of little cesar's, and surprise "I heard you guys ordered a shot girl" Scotty Shots.

Here's the results for posterity:

1st - Stryker -9

2nd - Uncle Goz -3

3rd - Deaner -2

4th - Drew +1

5th - Blizzard +2

6th - FBI Kevin +3

7th - Fabian +4

8th - Lamar MILLER +7

9th - Mohammed +8

10th - Ian +9 (won the bonus hole)

11th - Jayski +9 (lost the bonus hole)

12th - Electric Trevor +11

13th - Stash +12

14th - Niko +15

15th - Berg Al +17

16th - Hoodie +28

Doubles Champs - Blizzard and Jayski

Congrats to HPDG Club Pro Dan Stryker for his huge win at the 2nd Annual Fall Classic. Hope to see you next year in Sparta, WI for the 3rd Annual Fall Classic Invitational.

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