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Ian's World Famous Drink Recipes #1 - The Green River

Mr. Consistency, HPDG's lead diver, is known for more than just his skill on the course. As a master mixologist with a sommelier's pallette, his World Famous cocktails are an unmissable feature when he's on the card. Always the gentleman, Ian has gracefully decided to share his secret recipes for some of his concoctions with the rest of the community.

This first cocktail is called The Green River, and is a summer favorite of Ian's.

The Green River

6oz New Amsterdam Vodka

2oz Green River (soft drink)

Fill either a clear plastic cup (or better, a bubba cup) with ice. Pour the New Amsterdam vodka over ice until roughly 3/4's full. Top with a splash of Green River. Garnish with a straw that you'll never drink out of. Simply bend the straw in half over the rim of the plastic cup, and enjoy.

Alternate Recipe - The Swamp Water

As lead diver, Ian occasionally will change it up and drink a swamp water instead to appease his aquatic side. To make a swamp water, simply prepare the Green River as explained above, and finish with a splash of cherry juice or Grenadine. Let it rain!!!

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